3 Month Alcohol Ban and 300 Mile Virtual Cycle for Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation

IMG_9833 IMG_9835 IMG_9836On Thursday 19th January 2017 I completed my 4th virtual cycle to raise money for a cure for paralysis.

I decided to set myself the toughest challenge yet by not only cycling the furthest distance I’ve ever cycled but also to make the challenge even more difficult by going on a 3 month alcohol ban too! The way I look at it if it’s not really that difficult then it’s not a proper challenge! Plus I suppose I’m a sucker for punishment! Lol. I really wanted to raise as much money as I possibly could for the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation who fund the vital research on chronic spinal cord injury in Poland at the moment by Professor Raisman and the team.

I was delighted to have finished my 300 mile cycle (equivalent distance from Rome to Cannes) in 12 days, beating all my previous cycling records! I managed to raise over ยฃ2,500 for the charity and have officially cycled 1,138 miles for a cure and also raised over ยฃ8,000 in my virtual cycles alone!

I am just coming up for being 1 month booze free so I still have another 2 months to go!!! Eeeekkkkk!!! My justgiving page is still open and will be for a while so if you can spare a sponsor I’d be so grateful. You can find it on the homepage of this website.

I am so touched by everyone’s generosity so far and all of my lovely messages of support. I really couldn’t do this without you amazing people! I’ll carry on doing everything I possibly can by fundraising and raising awareness for a cure for chronic spinal cord injury! #teamnevergiveup

Thanks a million โค๏ธ

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