Brazilian Mission Christmas Party in aid of Spinal Research

What a fabulous night.. the Brazilian Mission party at Rolling Stock, London was a great success raising hundreds of pounds for SPINAL RESEARCH. A very big THANK YOU goes out to the Brazilian beauties behind this project, Caroline Pey and her sister Vivian Rodrigues Reis. The evening had so much going on from Auctioned art by Lucas Levitan, Street art by David De Brito, a fantastic mix of DJ’s, live performance by Angelita Jimeniz, a fab fun photo booth to have your picture taken and lots more. Actor Paul Hughes made a great compere for the evening and got me to say a few words over the mic about the importance of everyone’s donation and about us Cure Girls/Spinal Research. I would to thank everyone involved and also who donated.. we truly are touched by everyones generosity.

Here are a collection of photos taken on the night by photographer Renato Melo….

Still not to late to donate on;
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