My Trip to Milan for the Wings For Life World Run 2016

I took part in my 1st Wings for Life World Run in Milan to meet up with the Italian Cure Girls, Loredana, Marina, Arcangela & Barbara. Along with a team of 40 people in our Cure Girls Team.

The Wings for Life World Run takes place every year simultaneously in 33 countries and the aim is to find a cure for spinal cord injury. Their motto is great: Run for those who can’t!

100 % of all funds raised goes to research for a cure. Over 6 million euros were raised this year which is fantastic!

Anyone can take part.. You can run, walk or if you can’t do that you can push in your wheelchair.. In my case I was pushed by my lovely big brother Tony! Tony ran/pushed me 10K in just over an hour and we managed to get a few sponsors too! Massive thanks to everyone who did!

The day of the run was an absolutely phenomenal experience. Us Cure Girls all wore pink wings and Cure Girls printed on our tops from the lovely Loredana. Everyone in our team wore pink hats and we stood out a mile making a great impact. For me, it was such an emotional day seeing everyone RUNNING OR PUSHING FOR A CURE. It was such a great day and I’ll definitely be taking part next year! All the Cure Girls took part this year, Sabrina and her team in Brazil and Rebecca by using the WFL app in the Channel Islands.

I would like to thank Loredana, Marina, Arcangela, Barbara, Paolo & all of your friends and families for welcoming us in Milan. You made our time there extra special and I love you all lots! Here’s to next year!image image image image image image image image image image