Homeopathy & Spinal Cord Injury

img_8514 img_8426It has been exactly 2 years since I came off my medication for chronic pain and so far the best thing (also the hardest) I’ve ever done. I decided after taking medication for my neuropathic pain for 10 years to stop taking it due to a number of reasons. With the help of my lovely rehab consultant I was weened off over several weeks with her advice. You can read the full story on this website entitled My Medication Hell.

Since coming off medication it has encouraged me to go as “natural” as possible in all other aspects too ie: food (organic wherever possible) avoiding processed foods, cutting out fizzy drinks and also wanting to try other natural alternatives to medicine. It’s not that I’m knocking conventional medicine as it can certainly save lives in some situations, but I believe it is being handed out far too much. The medication I was on never completely took my pain away, so I thought what was the point?

That’s when I wanted to give homeopathy a try. It’s natural and it won’t harm me at all. So, I asked an old friend Vanessa to help me out. I met Vanessa when I was 19, over 20 years ago in the beauty industry and at the time she was studying homeopathy, so I knew I could trust her. Now she has been homeopath for over 20 years and has her own surgery prescribing remedies for any problems for illnesses, injuries, allergies.. literally ANYTHING! Treating ย children, babies or even pets. Homeopathy is safe for everyone.

I had a long in-depth consultantion with Vanessa about my medical history and my family history etc. she prescribed me remedies for everything that I wanted to treat.

I was open minded and after the consultation I felt very positive too! I’m still in the process of trying out pain remedies but it has worked for other issues. Many people have been asking me about what I’m taking now, so if you’re interested in trying out a natural alternative to medication then give Vanessa a call.


Email: wintonhealthfoods@hotmail.com

Tel:ย 01202020564 orย 07788299227








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